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Before you start house hunting in earnest, you need to decide what style of property will best suit your lifestyle. Do you opt for an older pre-loved home, or jump at the chance to be the first owner of a brand-new property?


One of the major appeals of an older property can be the space they offer growing families. Average room sizes have shrunk over the years, so too has the size of gardens. In contrast with new builds, older homes often have spacious rooms, front and back gardens, period features and thicker walls too. They can have the advantage of being part of a long-established community and be nearer to local amenities and schools.

The downsides can include higher maintenance costs and the need to update things like heating systems and improve insulation. Getting a survey done before you buy is important and will highlight any repairs that might be needed.


Many people enjoy the thought of being the first owners of a home. It presents them with a blank canvas that they can personalise to their own taste. New homes are designed to be energy-efficient and come with energy-saving features like double glazing. They offer modern bathrooms and kitchens that generally come complete with a range of built-in appliances. New-build properties normally benefit from a 10-year protection, under which buyers get a two-year builder warranty to cover eligible faults and a further eight-year insurance to cover certain major defects. The downsides for some can be that the properties may all look very similar and come with the same internal layout. New estates don’t always have easy access to local facilities.

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