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Speak to our UK team 03333 204 121

Our Introducers programme

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Money, Money, Money

If you are an Estate Agent or other advisor you can earn additional income when you join our Introducers Programme. With our unique structure you could earn money three times from a single introduction.


Our Policy is to reward you for every product a customer buys, not just the first one. By offering you a better, fairer deal you can earn more and we benefit from new customers.

Once you have introduced us to a new customer we work hard to keep them. However, they will remain yours as the Introducer and we'll reward you every time they buy through us.

We sell more, you earn more, we all win.

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Money from introducing Mortgage Customers

You will see how your clients progress with their initial mortgage enquiry and application. We have a structured system of follow up calls and emails to ensure we convert as many enquiries into customers as possible. Then once the Procuration Fee has been paid, you will receive your first introducer commission payment.

Our bespoke portal and CRM system means we convert as many leads as possible. We value your introductions and work hard to convert them into customers.

Even if your client doesn’t complete you will earn reward points just for making the introduction. Our Reward Points can be exchanged for rewards such as Champagne and Red Letter Days. The Reward Program is completely separate to the commission and is funded by us as a thank you. They are not funded out of your regular commission.

We sell more, you earn more, we all win.

Start Earning additional income Today.

Money if they buy other products such as insurance

Many of our customers also take out insurance policies to protect their family and home. We believe that you should be rewarded for this if you introduced the customer.

You can track the progress of all your clients through our portal and see when they take out policies. We won’t waste your lead and our processes and systems mean we convert many mortgage customers into insurance customers.

Even if your client doesn’t initially take out a policy with us we would set up a review for some time in the future.  We have a structured report and review process to ensure we do not miss opportunities. And even if this is a year down the line, you would still receive your Introducer Commission. This is all transparent and you can track your client’s status through our bespoke Introducer Portal and see exactly what commission you are owed.

We sell more, you earn more, we all win.

Start Earning additional income Today.


Money if they then renew their mortgage in the future

Keeping customers is always easier than finding new ones so we work hard to hold on to them. When one of your clients remortgage with us you will receive an introducer commission for this sale.

We have a detailed and organised schedule of when customers mortgages need renewing.  You can track the customer’s progress up to renewal and see when mortgages are approved.

This is typically 2, 3 or 5 years after the initial mortgage is taken out.  Even then, we still consider you to be the original introducer and will reward you again.

We sell more, you earn more, we all win.

Start Earning additional income Today.

How we do it

At MyMortgageExperts.co.uk we know the value of a good introduction. Over many years we have developed a sophisticated CRM system (Customer Relationship Management System.) This automated process ensures we track all of our customers, keep in regular contact with them and help them review their mortgage and protection needs.  These regular reviews help customers understand their situation and choose the best products for them.

By carefully nurturing each and every customer we are able to offer them more advice. This leads to an increase in customers renewing their mortgages with us and buying further insurance products.

We still recognise that you were the introducer so you will earn commission on every deal, not just the initial mortgage.

We sell more, you earn more, we all win.

Start Earning additional income Today.


Rewards Programme

As well as commission you will earn Rewards Points for every introduction and every mortgage application, even if it doesn’t result in a mortgage being taken out.

You can see your Reward Points grow on the Introducer Portal and trade them in for rewards such as Red Letter Days, Champagne or event tickets.

We sell more, you earn more, we all win.

Start Earning additional income Today.

What People Say

“I would like to thank My Mortgage Experts for all their help this year arranging mortgages for our clients. I found the process very smooth and efficient from the beginning in registering the lead, all the way through the mortgage offer. All staff have a very friendly manner and that is very important to me at first contact with our clients.

I find it very frustrating when unable to speak regularly to brokers when chasing a lead or mortgage offer down. With My Mortgage Experts there is generally always somebody available to get an update from, but when the few times I have left a message they have always responded promptly.

The biggest difference I have noticed when using their services is the speed at which the mortgage offer has been issued even with non standard constructions. Four times over the last few months they have been the reason a sale went through to exchange after it looked very likely that the sale would fall through due to other brokers. As an example, we had a property on the Lakes Estate in Bletchley where the broker had made promise after promise to get an offer issued; only to find out he could not.

My Mortgage Experts stepped in under a very tight deadline and the mortgage offer was out within two weeks where the other broker failed after eight weeks. A further example is, we had a property for sale of non standard construction, the sale fell through three times with other brokers assuring us the lender would deal with the type of property, only to find out further down the line that they would not. Again My Mortgage Experts stepped in when we referred the buyer to them and they offer was out very quickly to the great relief of the vendor.

I look forward to our continued relationship with My Mortgage Experts and would recommend them to anybody.”

D. McCarthy, Branch Manager