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Step by Step Guide to Remortgaging

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Most mortgages on the market today offer ‘Initial Benefit Periods’ when this benefit period expires typically after a 2-5 year period, then your mortgage generally will revert to your lenders standard variable rate. This means that your payments will change from time to time as the lender adjusts their variable rate, which is often prompted by changes to the Bank Base Rate.

This is generally the time when many borrowers will typically review their remortgage options:

Options could be:
Stay on your lenders variable rate as this may be saving you money because the rate is competitive

Remortgage to another lender as this saves you money due to offering a more competitive scheme

Remortgage to another lender to benefit from a further Fixed Rate Mortgage

Another option available with certain lenders is a Product Transfer. This is an offering that  means you do not have to remortgage, the lender may offer you a new scheme for the future, typically a new fixed rate.

A reputable mortgage adviser will assist and advise you through the options, processes and any costs.

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